LAVINDREY (Amsterdam)

Lavindrey is a brand founded by 3 brothers from Amsterdam with a mission to provide customers all over the world with special designs that last a lifetime. Wheteher you want a bracelet that can be worn with everyday outfits or a necklace that compliments your evening wear. Everyone can find something they love.
A luxurious brand with many different pieces for every outfit.
Our designers specialize in adding culture to our jewelry so customers can be proud to wear our pieces. The designers take inspiration from multiple stules of both old an new culture. Our jewelry pieces and accessoiries are for people who enjoy mixing timeless culture with modern style.
We ship custom pieces to customers all over the world. We are proud to supply the world with something beautiful from our homeland. We make sure all products are packaged safely and shipped out via the fastest shipping methods worldwide.
For more information or jewelry inspiration, be sure to check out our collection and follow our Instagram account.